The Hoarder's Curse is talking about a rich man who is spending his life collecting money and protecting it from those who want to steal it from him. The more money he hoards the more thieves he attracts. Can he win this race?

How to play:

The more gold you hoard in your chest the greater the number of thieves coming to steal from you. To win you have to survive to day 10 without losing all your money.

  • Use WASD/Arrow keys to move. WS to move forward and backward while AD to rotate.

  • Use the Space key to build a tower over one of the bases.

  • Don’t lose all your gold to the thieves or you lose.

  • Build towers to kill the thieves.

  • Kill the thieves to get your gold back and even some of theirs.

  • Survive to day 10 to win.

Enjoy :)


All the voxel art is made by me except for the trees and the enemy.

Enemy (Ninja): made by MONARCHSHIELD:

Tree: made by VOXELCRAFT:

Thanks to both artists for their great work which helped me finish my work in time :)

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