You are a team member in an exploration expedition on another planet. Your human teammates sent you to explore the planet when you were captured by another artificially intelligent entities. They took you to their base and hacked your system to reprogram you to work for them. But you rebooted and overrode their changes and now you are ready to go back to your fellows. But first, you have to destroy these waves of drones standing between you and the exit.


Destroy all the drones to escape. Pick up the drone’s batteries to recharge yours. Occasionally, some drones will drop med kits that you can use to fix yourself.

WASD to move Rotate and shoot with mouse

Web build:

Thanks, and enjoy!

P.S To be added in post jam version:

Health pack sound effect 
replay message in case of dying


Thanks for the people who made these great assets. Couldn’t do it with out you guys :)


Fight bot (player):

Enemy drones:

Modular walls for the arena:


Med kit (deprecated):!/content/67078

Exit door:

Health and power bars (UI):